Yamaha XT500

XT500 (1E6)
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It’s all about the numbers on this early XT500. Matching 1E6 (not a UK model) 011374 puts it in the first 1976 model category, the original one with the low-level exhaust. This is not the original exhaust of course but much of what you see is and it offers that perfect ride-or-restore opportunity, in the knowledge that if and when you do spend money on it you’re making a worthwhile investment. In the meantime it starts, sounds and rides like only XT500s can, looks the part and no replica can give you this level of big-single cool. This machine was imported in 2012 and states the first registration date as 01/08/1976 with four former keepers on the V5C. 1,693 miles on the clock, would be lovely if that was accurate and it could be but we really don’t know, unlikely I guess. It is scruffy in places with a tear in the seat cover and some hand-painted areas which should have been left alone, but apart from the new paintwork on the tank and the exhaust it does appear to be relatively original and unmolested. Feels like one of those rare bikes that are actually better than they look? Only time and ownership will tell…

This machine is offered for sale through Classic Super Bikes and comes from a cherished collection of classics, all of which have been started regularly and used from time to time. They have been well looked after and stored in excellent dry conditions with workshop facilities to keep them in good order. Most are unrestored (paint is an exception in this case) and retain their original standard specification. Some show signs of use and age, all look and sound to be in fine mechanical condition which reflects the owners priorities; classic bikes to be ridden and enjoyed. All great classic machines from a good home at excellent prices. All desirable models too, which with a little more use and attention may well prove to be good investments as well as providing some genuine riding thrills from an era so loved by those of us of a certain age.



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