Suzuki SP370

Excellent (3)

Suzuki’s iconic ’70s big traily always blazed a trail all its own, with unique styling and being somewhat smaller than the 500s of the era it was in a class of its own really. Easy to start and lovely to ride on or off road,  it’s really a back roads thumper and lovely to look at. This example has been recently imported from Texas USA and comes with a copy of the Certificate of Title which is nice and unusual. Registered on an age-related UK number it avoids MOT and RFL charges and it sips fuel so strangely practical in terms of a value for money ride. Very original and almost certainly displaying the correct low mileage by the looks of component wear and the healthy mechanical state of the engine. Still running on points ignition, which has been set correctly by Classic Bike Workshop along with other recommissioning work including cleaning and setting the carburettor, it is running well and idles nicely. The owner who imported the bike (one former on the V5C) carried out light restoration which included new red paintwork but most of what you see is unrestored. The under-seat trim (which is usually missing) is a replica set which has been painted the right colour but not by a professional. The original exhaust is in remarkable condition, has been painted and does have a small hole blowing in the back but nothing that couldn’t be repaired when it eventually gets bad enough to warrant attention. All together rather lovely.


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